With romance novels experiencing a resurgence, here are a few up and coming stars on the scene.  Check them out in hard copy or digital form.

Writers across the world both accomplished and amateur express a severe disdain for them.  Middle aged women, and largely housewives follow every one of their twists and turns with nearly religious devotion.  Love them or hate them, Romance novels are far and away the most popular genre of novels with a deliriously devoted fan base and with readers now able to very easily find romance novels online, this tidal wave of a following can only grow.  There are a growing number of romance books gaining popular attention now and serving to bring the much maligned genre out of the underground, niche markets and into the mainstream. Here are a few must read, can’t miss, hot and heavy novels that will get your heart and mind racing.

Much in the same vein of the now well publicized “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Sabrina Darby’s “On These Silken Sheets” is a steamy tale of older man meets innocent younger woman.  They both become entranced by the lure of the Harridan House, the most exclusive after-hours club in London.  Visitors and playmates of all shapes in sizes come masked to indulge their wildest fantasies.  Jayne Ann Krentz’s “Copper Beach” is a similarly dark and mysterious tale, but involves the paranormal.  The search for an ancient and evil text must be tracked down by a young female investigator with psychic abilities, and when she turns to the steamy stone and crystal specialist, Sam Coppersmith, a tense and passionate romance flares.  These Online Romance Novels  can be carried around discreetly in whatever e-reader you have, slipped easily into a purse for hot moments on the bus, train, subway or waiting room.

For those looking for a little more conventional, but no less sexy fun, here are a couple of boudoir books that are sure to satisfy.  The third book in the “Lucky Harbor” series by Jill Shalvis is “Head Over Heels.”  Much less innocent than the title implies, it tells the tale of a wild and racy woman who loves to live life on the edge, unlike her straight laced and engaged sisters.  She soon finds herself falling for the hunky sheriff charged with trying to wrangle her in.  The heat rises as she tries to find the balance between her law breaking past and a romantic future with her lustful lawman.  Then there’s Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.  Recently deserted by her husband and freshly fired from her editing job, Kate turns what little energy she has left towards turning her parents’ summer home into a bed and breakfast.  Since this is going to cost a fair chunk of change, she lands a job as a spy for a man who runs a local brewery.  He needs her to keep a watchful eye on his employees who he suspects are stealing from the company.  The only thing she can keep her eye on though, is him.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Or maybe, her story.

All of these tawdry tales can be purchased or read as online romance novels.  Rush to the online bookstore or even your local library and keep the temperatures rising.

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