Did you know that the majority of the emails you send out are being checked on mobile devices? Mobile email is convenient, allowing individuals to check their email on the go, and it is fast, allowing them to respond or take action virtually immediately right from their mobile device.

As the number continues to grow you need to take steps to make sure that you can easily communicate with your customers and leads that are using their mobile devices to access and respond to their email. If your emails are not easily viewable on all mobile and tablet devices you are putting your company at a severe disadvantage.

We put together five tips to help you optimize your email marketing for mobile devices. Implement these tips to make sure that you are not greatly reducing the effectiveness of your email marketing and not connecting with your contacts that are using mobile email.

1. Include HTML and Text Versions

Most modern email marketing platforms will automatically send out a HTML and Text version of your email. While most mobile devices can read HTML email it is important that you double check the Text version as well. Often times companies will create a beautiful and engaging HTML email and assume that the Text version will display just fine on the devices that don’t support the HTML version. Make sure that the Text version reads clearly, all images are replaced with text, and your calls-to-action are present and working. There are several mistakes responsible for poor email marketing performance, but this is one that can be eliminated before you even send your message out.

2. Use Short Subject Lines

You have a very small space to work with when it comes to the subject line on a mobile device. Instead of having your recipients just read a glimpse of your title, go ahead and focus on creating smaller subject lines that are direct to the point. You will get a much better open rate if they can view the entire subject line. The subject line is just one of your email marketing calls-to-action that will determine the overall success of your campaign.

Try to limit your subject lines to no more than 25 characters. This will ensure that your entire subject line is displayed on all devices. Focus on creating a subject line that excites the recipient and causes them to open the email.

3. Go Easy on Graphics

All mobile devices are going to display images differently, so if you must use images in your email marketing keep them small and assume that they are going to be displayed as a link or blank space in the email message when you create the layout. Would a huge blank space or a link in that space make the email hard to read? Sometimes this can cause someone to stop reading your email, so focus on the user experience.

Many businesses will load up their email with graphics but if someone subscribed to your marketing list they are genuinely interested in what you are offering, so there is no need to attempt to dazzle them with fancy graphics. If you are not building your list via double opt-in then you might want to make sure your email marketing is CAN-SPAM compliant.

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