Let’s have a moment of silence for every Microsoft Xbox 360 out there that has met its maker—the aptly named, nefarious “red-ring of death”. It might’ve happened in the middle of a “Zombies” run on Black Ops. Right when you reached level 65, high hopes and adrenaline rushing through your veins, your screen goes black; your beloved Xbox goes red.

Little do people know, depending on how many of the four lights that make up the iconic “on-button”, a different problem may have occurred internally. If the bottom right light (Q4) runs red, it means there was a hardware failure, which corresponds with an error message displayed in the screen. If Q1 and Q3 are lit up, not all hope is lost! It simply means the unit is overheating and needs to run fans at full speed until the unit has been cooled. If Q1, Q3 and Q4 shine red, that means there has been a general hardware failure—similar to a hardware failure but without an error message. If all four quadrants are flashing, it means that there is an AV cable error.

It just means that the AV cable isn’t detected by the Xbox unit—nothing fatal. Xbox 360 was released in 2005 and rereleased as “Xbox slim” in 2010. This means that some units have been out on the market for well over the life expectancy of 3 years. This raises the question of “what’s the future of console gaming?” Has everything gone mobile? There is no doubt a rise of games in the App store. Sony is set to release their new system in February 20th 2013, meaning Xbox shouldn’t be too far behind.

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