This article lists 5 ways to keep from becoming overexcited while reading erotic books.

This is a problem many of us face when we read a particularly steamy chapter of an erotic novel. We start out blushing, then end up fanning ourselves to keep the flush of passion at bay. Depending on the circumstance, allowing yourself to become excited and sweaty over a good erotic book is wonderful. But in some cases, it simply isn’t appropriate, think on an airplane or when one’s children are close by.

So here are some tips on how to keep yourself from becoming too stimulated by the descriptions in your book.

1. Close the book for a moment

2. Remind yourself the story isn’t real

3. Have a glass of cool water with you as you read

4. Have snacks handy while you read

5. Take deep, calming breaths


1. Close the book for a moment.

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people wouldn’t think of this. By closing the book and looking around the room for a minute, you are breaking the hold of the fantasy world and putting yourself in perspective. You are in the real world and what is happening in your book cannot affect you.

2. Remind yourself the story isn’t real.

If the plot is too exciting to stop reading entirely, at the end of every paragraph, or at the turn of every page, remind yourself that you are reading a story and that the story is not real. By reminding yourself of this, even though you in user know the story is fiction, you are bringing yourself out of the story. Sometimes this isn’t something you want to do, but in this case, it will assist in keeping you from becoming overly excited.

3. Have a glass if cool water with you as you read.

This glass of cool water should, I believe, be a staple to every erotic book. You can take sips of it to break the flow of the story, or rest your hand on the glass, to remind you of the difference between the real world and the steamy love affair occurring on the pages. You can even use the coldness if the glass to cool yourself on your temples or your chest, though I wouldn’t suggest doing this if too many people are watching you.

4. Have snacks handy while you read.

For me, snacking is sort if the reading experience, regardless of whether I am reading an erotic romance or a history textbook. Snacking provides you with a reason to look away from the page, which is essential if you don’t want to become overexcited. Plus, then you get to snack!

5. Take deep calming breaths. You can choose to do this while reading or you can close the book for a moment. Which one you choose depends on how excited you are by the erotic book you are reading. If you are only a little bit excited, breathe deeply as you read. If you are very excited, I would suggest looking away from the page and taking some deep breaths.

If none of the above work, then I would say you should save your place and put the book down for a little while. Run some cool water ver your wrists or take a cold shower. But as I said before, it is ok to get a little overexcited, as long as the situation is appropriate. Hey, it’s fun!

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