Imagine 30-50% of your monthly wage going towards your home’s mortgage. This would be an outrage for most Americans, but is a harsh reality for many up-and-coming middle class Chinese workers. China’s GDP seems to be growing at an unstoppable rate—but many do not take the time to question how the country could rack up so much revenue. Healthy GDP is produced by sustainable production and construction. China, however, does not always practice sustainable building. Ghost cities full of luxury high rises and beautiful condos have been left uninhabited because there is no middle class to inhabit these places.
In any major Chinese city, the sound of construction and the pollution that comes with it is rampant. Middle class workers especially have a hard time finding places to live. Recently, more and more housing has been created for China’s middle class. However, the housing projects still are not affordable enough. For a police woman, she will literally be paying off the mortgage for the rest of her life. 30-50% of her income will go towards this endeavor. What would happen if the American housing market starts to mimic the Chinese one?

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