Think you’re in a healthy relationship? Check out our top 8 signs to find out.

A healthy relationship can make you feel happier, safer and generally feel more optimistic. But what can you do when you’re not sure if you and your better half are really meant to be together? The answer is simple – you can analyze your current situation, talk to your significant other, and assess where you stand.


You Communicate Openly

Being able to communicate honestly and openly can be such a blessing. Being able to discuss your likes and dislikes without feeling as though you’re about to fight is so important.When you can discuss your issues in a calm manner, you have a better chance of reaching a compromise. It’s called healthy fighting, and it’s something not all couples are able to do. Once you and your significant other fully understand the basics of healthy fighting, there is very little you wont be able to overcome together.


You Trust Each Other

Trust is one of the biggest pieces of foundation in building a solid relationship. When you know you can share your deepest secrets with them, you feel comfortable talking about your anxieties, fears, and worries, and  you don’t feel the urge to look through their phone or read their emails when they’re not around, you know they’re a keeper. You trust them completely, and the feeling is mutual.


You Support Each Other

Everyone has goals and dreams; some people wont understand your dreams. No matter how silly they may be, it’s important for your partner to consider them and not dismiss them outright. If you’re thinking about quitting your job and make a living writing paranormal romance books, your partner could sign you up for a class on creative writing. If you tell them about your life-long goal of opening the next Starbucks, they listen carefully and offer to help with the business plan. They believe in you and that’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. You’re currently in a relationship where personal growth is embraced and celebrated.


You Can Travel Together

Nothing tests a relationship better than spending a vacation together that’s just the two of you alone. Long car rides, crammed hotel rooms, faulty GPS – there are plenty of things that can go wrong on a road trip. Learning how to overcome obstacles and see how each other reacts under pressure is key.


The Sex Is Good

Even the strongest relationships can suffer when things are chilly in the bedroom. If you’re both enjoying your time between the sheets though, it’s a great sings that things are going in the right direction. Keeping a healthy variety of positions in your back pocket, trying new things, and exploring together will keep the spark alive in the bedroom.


You Like Each Other’s Families

It’s obvious that you need to get along with your significant other in order to make your relationship last, but what about their families? There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ family – everyone has a different idea of what elements are needed to make the perfectly imperfect family portrait. When you can truly accept another family as your own and visa versa, that’s a great sign.


You Laugh Together

Humor can save you from any situation, whether it’s deeply awkward or unpleasant, or dull and boring. Once you find someone who can make you laugh every single day, someone who you can truly treasure even the smallest moments with, you’ll know that they’re the one.


You Talk About the Future

When it comes to discussing your future as a couple, you’re both on the same page. You’ve talked about the possibility of getting married, career goals, or starting a family at some point down the line. And whatever you’ve decided, you’re both on board and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Does your relationship resemble the one described above? You scored big time. Don’t your significant other for granted! Celebrate your love with a big bottle of champagne and a long weekend in, just the two of you. Be happy, you found a true keeper.

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